Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cyclists for Szentendre Meet THIS FRIDAY

Anyone wishing to make Szentendre a bike-friendly city should join us this Friday (April 24) to share and gather ideas on the most urgent needs. The session is being organised by local cycling activists and staff members of the Hungarian Cyclists Club. It will take place 4:30-6:00 p.m. at the Napórásház , 2000 Sztenendre, Halász utca 1, right off the riverside korzó.

A local literature professor named Balázs Devescovi wrote the proposed workplan (in Hungarian) that will serve as our starting point. I've written an English-language summary of same in this blog. His main idea is to make the southern approach to Szentendre -- Route 11 and the street crossing to and from the bike path from Békásmegyer — safer for bicyclists.

Anyone who has ever biked to Szentendre from Budapest will understand that this section of the officially designated route is a joke. There's practically no signage and the official, legal way across Route 11 involves an awkward trudge down some steep steps and through a dodgy underpass. This surely doesn't meet the standards of the EuroVelo touristic route (some shiny racks and signage about EuroVelo 6 were installed this week on the korzó, pictured) of which it now is a part.

Another idea is to make the riverside road through Szentendre — the korzó — safer for cycling — possibly by closing it to car traffic altogether. As this part of the road is now being developed as a lively restaurant and bar area, much like Liszt Ferenc tér or Ráday utca in Budapest, such a restriction would be appropriate.

The proceedings will be in Hungarian, although there will be at least one bungler on hand (me) who will have to bug his friends afterwards for an English-language recap. A more detailed invite in Hungarian is here.


mike said...

It is great that people are banding together and fighting!

Greg Spencer said...

I'm really hoping for a good turnout. This will be our first meeting!