Friday, August 14, 2009

Mayor Tries to Allay Margit Bridge Worries

According to the most recent post by Hajtas Pajtas boss Gábor Kürti on, the mayor's office has issued a letter promising the plans for cycling accommodation on Margit Bridge WILL NOT be changed.

This was in response to an open letter sent by the Hungarian Cyclists Club protesting an apparent renegging on an agreement City Hall made last year to ensure cycling lanes on both the Pest- and Buda-bound carriageways of Margit Bridge. The latest PR materials regarding the impending bridge refurbishment indicated bike accommodation on just one side of the bridge.

Deputy Mayor Miklós Hagyó, the cycling club's main sponsor at City Hall, took up the issue with the city's chief architect Éva Beleznay, who promised to address the issue at the City Council's meeting following the August 20 holiday. The positive assurances from the mayor himself came shortly afterwards.

Despite all this -- and because of a history of broken promises to the cycling community over the past several years -- the previously called demonstation at on Margit Bridge is still on at Tuesday, 6 p.m.


dalos said...

"an agreement City Hall made last year to ensure cycling lanes on both the Pest- and Buda-bound carriageways of Margit Bridge."

That is not correct, Greg. Let me explain the misunderstanding.

It was clear already at the beginning, that without sacrificing a traffic lane there won't be enought space to accomodate cycle lanes (kerékpársávokat) on the carriageway (szegélyek közötti úttest).
The first plans were about a two-way cycle path on the northern sidewalk. (Yes, this cycle path consists two lanes, but that are not "kerékpársáv"!)
HCC then asked for appropriate infrastructure on both sides of the bridge, with connections to all directions at the bridgeheads respecitively (Margit krt.-Árpád fejedelem útja, Bem rakpart, Frankel Leó utca; Margitsziget; Nagykörút, Pozsonyi út, Balassi Bálint u., Hollán E. u., Falk Miksa u.). According to this request they added a one-way cycle path (egyirányú kerékpárút) and the necessary connections at both bridgheads - obviously cycle lanes - on both (north and south) side of the bridge.
This plan was published as "final" on many forums...

Greg Spencer said...

Hi Péter,

Ok, so you're saying my post was incorrect on two points:

-- the facilities in question were bike paths rather than lanes, and

-- the plans were never final.

Péter, how would you characterise the understanding that the Mayor's Office and MK had regarding these plans? Did the Mayor's office make it clear that the plan for paths on boths sides was just an option that might or might not come to fruition?

Regardless of this, I'm dead set against the one-side only approach. To get around the city safely and conveniently by bike, you need bike accommodation on both sides of the road. Margit híd is a great place get such a solution started on the Nagy körút. This is an opportunity the city can't pass up.

dalos said...

"the facilities in question were bike paths rather than lanes"
Yes. The official explanation was that there is not enough space between the kerbs to accomodate proper cycle lanes (on both sides) without sacrificing "normal" - outer - traffic lanes (which is of course a priority even in 2009 8((

"the plans were never final"
I didn't say that. As far as I know the last info of HCC's task force was that all of the Club's proposals were approved.

It is clear that building one-side infrastructure along carriageways inside the city demolishes the cycling culture in several means...

Greg Spencer said...

ok, all clear now, Péter. I'll join the demonstration tonight and will hope the Mayor reconsiders.

dalos said...

allright Greg, keep up the good work!
CU - hopefully on one of the future cycle lanes in front of the Bem mozi...