Monday, August 31, 2009

Danish Bike Wave Hits Budapest

The Danish Embassy will co-host the travelling bike exhibition "Dreams on Wheels" September 4-25 at the VAM Design Centre in District VII.

According to the press release, the show aims "to promote cycling as an alternative form of transportation and to show how the benefits derived from it relate to important topics such as climate change, energy conservation, the environment and health."

It will feature photos and posters along with a variety of actual bicycles, both ordinary and "curious kinds" the release promises.

Originally held at the dawn of the cycling revolution in Paris in 2002, the exhibition has since visited Toronto, Moscow, Tokyo and Riga among other capitals.

Some accompanying events

Did I mention about the part about the famous Copenhagen Cycling Chic blogger Mikael Colville Andersen??

For further info
  • Counsellor Jens Chr. Andersen (Royal Danish Embassy in Budapest)
    E- mail:
  • Henrietta Hajdu (
  • Hunor Kiraly


Paul Peterson said...

Hi Greg, was wondering how I can contact you. I didn't see any contact info on the blog. I'll be in Budapest toward the end of the month and was wondering if you'd be up for a small bike tour around the city. There's just 2 of us. I'm coming from Portland, Oregon - the beer and bike capital of America - and am interested in not only the city, but the cycling infrastructure and the challenges in Budapest. I'm a filmmaker as well and may bring a camera along for a short bike-as-transport docu Europe and looking for shots of infrastructure and some interviews. I also do media in the Portland Mayor's office and looking to bring home ideas for our own city.

Let me know if you're around. You can contact me via my website at

Paul Peterson

anna said...

Sounds very interesting. Hope to see all that too ;-).