Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ninja count results

Following up on my last post on the Hungarian "ninja" count ...

On Friday evening, approximately 85 volunteers across the country spent 20 minutes along various streets and bike paths and counted passing cyclists while also noting how well they were illuminated.

In total, 2,461 cyclists were counted and of those 77 percent had at least one lamp on their bikes, with the other 23 percent falling into the category of "ninja," meaning they had no lights and were practically invisible. My guess was that 80 percent would have light, which was almost correct.

The number who had both a front and rear lamp -- being in perfect accord with legal requirements -- was just 57 percent. Not so good. If I'm reading the numbers correctly, 6 percent had just a front lamp while 12 percent had just a tail lamp.

The excel sheet with all the numbers, including places where the counts were made, was posted by Critical Mass head honcho Gábor Kürti here.

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