Sunday, April 11, 2010

Disposable Bike Racks

I noticed these bike racks for the first time this weekend. They're right across from our building (on the little square on the south side of Margit körút at the start of Frankel Leó utca) so they must have been installed this past week. When I first noticed them, one was already knocked over and another was listing. This morning, I went down to take a picture of them and three of them were knocked flat and I believe another had been stolen.

Not to let the neighborhood's delinquent youth off the hook -- but these racks could have been knocked over by some néni's shopping cart. Or even a good gust of wind. The racks are made of light-gauge aluminum tubing, probably weighing less than a kilo a piece. Whoever installed them simply drilled holes into the ceramic pavers that cover the square and fastened them with screws and plastic expander plugs.

From the looks of it, the plugs were too skinny for the holes and just didn't hold. But even if they had, the pavers themselves are are no more than a kilo or two a piece and can quite easily be plucked from the ground. I'm tempted to requisition these things myself to make some bike parking in our building's courtyard. Of course, that would be disrespecting public property -- but then again, does this stuff deserve respect?


anna said...

Seems like some nice racks, but too bad that they are not fixed properly. I'm not sure if it applies to these ones, but it can happen that people just unscrew the racks to steel the bikes..

Greg Spencer said...

They're nicely shaped, anyway. I think what's needed is a big, heavy concrete or metal base that they can be screwed into. It wouldn't surprise me if there's a part like this lost in storage at the municipality.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable - how can you install something in such a stupid way?

Budapest authorities have still a lot to learn.