Monday, September 22, 2008

Directions on Critical Mass

Critical Mass happens tonight, but under different conditions than the CMs of recent years. The Critical Mass site lays out detailed directions, in Hungarian, of course.

For those with Magyar Deficiency Syndrome, here are the very basics: There will be a bike lifting at Hôsök tér at 6:30 p.m. and another one at Moszkva tér at 8p.m. You're invited to either one or both, at your pleasure. There's no designated, closed route from Hôsök to Moszkva -- participants can choose their own route, but are asked to obey traffic rules as they go. Conveniently, Andrásssy is closed to motor traffic for Car-Free Day, so this will be the favoured way to begin the journey for most participants. From Octogon, the procession will likely split up. Some will go down the körút toward Margit híd and, from there, on up to Moszkva. Others will follow Andrássy to its terminus and then continue down Atilla út, across the Lanc híd, north down the Buda embankment and perhaps up the bike trail or the körút to the end point.

There will be traffic police and Critical Mass organisers at the largest intersections, so this would be a point in favour of riding on main roads with the main flow of bicycles. Whatever you do, however, organisers ask that you:
  • stop at red lights
  • don't hold up public transit
  • don't ride on the 4-6 tram tracks
  • keep in mind that crosswalks and sidewalks/pavements are for pedestrians
  • go on sidestreets rather than sidewalks/pavements if you're averse to busy streets
  • turn the other cheek when it comes to shouting motorists
  • mind organisers' directions
  • help each other out
  • bring your bike lamps (it'll get dark around 8)
These are the basics from the Critical Mass site. Will see you all tonight.

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